Cobalt Cavern (demo)

by neokyoto

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released July 25, 2014

the homies



all rights reserved


neokyoto Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Waves from the future metropolis.

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Track Name: Cobalt Cavern
i know a place that’s always on
everybody there can shoot a gun
the sky is black and there ain't no sun
my parents moved there when i was one
neon skylines overhead
speaking words that don’t quite fit
the green vibrations through the roots
and soil that crumbles underneath their boots
simulated stars in the sky
glowing nightmares in your eyes
your fingers curl around my neck
when i’m trying to forget

but i don’t know what else
cause i can’t see myself
there’s not a mirror in sight
to make you look alright
all that exists is noise
that’s coming from your voice
for everyone to hear
before they disappear

did you water your plant today?
did you do all the things you’d say?
did you pour all the gas in your car?
making sure that you will go far
did you remember to brush your teeth?
look to see if there are shoes on your feet
did you apply antiperspirant?
are your feelings all too apparent?
i know

the waves are black and crashing in
luminescent eyes that see within
all our heads were made of tin
faith in condemnation for your sin
the sands are dark but glow like screens
mapped across the wall in a deadbeat scene
they sip their drinks and open wide
for a pack of words that force outside
Track Name: Shadow Figure
fever dreams that show the lies untold
feeble minds unable to behold
followed by the history of man
preceded by the the judgments of your hand

i doubt anyone could ever believe me
cause i just can’t ever get what i need
events that leave me tumbling down
to the depths of the world with no one around
you can sense the paranoia as it’s breaching the walls
while you listen to the shadows as they stare like dolls
i know no one will ever believe me
cause that’s the one thing that i would need

the shadow figure that visits you at night
knowing that you’ll never put up a fight
paralysis that binds you to your bed
emphasis on the words that someone said